Dahilia Pinnata


A warm-toned background covered with contrasting flowers made with a supremely congenial fabric to suit your eyes as well as your room. This sheet works as a piece of décor with a calming layout so that your guests can experience a beauty sleep. A gentle cold wash will make the article as attractive as new and it will serve as a fine host for years to come.



Plank&You And Innovation

Every product is uniquely designed by our crew of highly experienced craftsmen with the finest quality materials for providing elegance, comfort and luxury. With a deep-rooted vision, we are happy to inform that our range purely belongs to India. From A to Z, everything at Plank&You belongs to the nation.

  1. Two Super King Size Pillow Cases with One Super King Size Bedsheet​
  2. Made in India​
  3. Made with Luxurious Flex Cloth​
  4. 80% Cotton with a blend of 20% Fine Linen​
  5. Super comforting​
  6. Highly Sustainable​
  7. Minimal Staining ​
  8. Machine Washable


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