Zagora Patron


 Clarity feels greats but what about being in a beautiful confusion? Zagora Patron is a strong visual abstract on a supremely luscious fabric which adds the perfect flavor to your home decor recipe. The design has its own bohemian vibe so nobody has to miss the color of the desert. The irregular paths are crafted towards the direction of bringing out the retro in your bedroom.



Plank&You And Innovation

Every product is uniquely designed by our crew of highly experienced craftsmen with the finest quality materials for providing elegance, comfort and luxury. With a deep-rooted vision, we are happy to inform that our range purely belongs to India. From A to Z, everything at Plank&You belongs to the nation.

  1. Two Super King Size Pillow Cases with One Super King Size Bedsheet​
  2. Made in India​
  3. Made with Luxurious Flex Cloth​
  4. 80% Cotton with a blend of 20% Fine Linen​
  5. Super comforting​
  6. Highly Sustainable​
  7. Minimal Staining ​
  8. Machine Washable


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